Feather sail outdoor advertising flag

Feather Sail Outdoor Advertising Flag

$299.00 9.8' Single-Sided
$349.00 9.8' Double-Sided

TOP SELLER! Feather sail advertising flag is the ideal outdoor promotional flag.

Grab customer attention for your retail store, business, or event.

  • Outdoor or indoor ready
  • Brighter colors that last
  • Wind-rated design & hardware
  • Easy to assembly, includes free travel bag
  • Available in 9.8 ft. - 19.7 ft sizes
The Feather advertising flag is perfectly suited to promote outdoor events. We use high quality dye-sublimation printing (not cheap iron-on decals). So colors are brighter and your flag lasts longer. Available in 4 different sizes with single-sided or double-sided printing on mesh vinyl material.To reduce wind load, it's designed to pivot in the wind when used outdoors. It's available with spike-base for for soft surfaces or with an x-stand for flat surface.

Single-sided flags are printed on one side with the back side showing the see-through mirror image of the front side. Double sided units will have two right-reading images and will read the correct way when viewed from either side.  For double sided unit, a silver-gray blocker material is placed in the middle and all 3 pieces are then sewn together to create a non-see-through double-sided banner flag.

Sizes:  Small (9.8 ft - MOST POPULAR); Medium (15.75 ft); Large (16.4 ft); Extra Large (19.7 ft)
Graphics:  Single-Sided or Double-Sided, Dye Sublimated Printing
Material:  Mesh Fabric
Wind Speed Rating: 18-23 mph
Stand:  X-Stand or Spike Base, XL X-Stand for 16.4' and 19.7'

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