17ft (xl) falcon flag

Falcon Outdoor Advertising Flag

$450.00 17' Double-Sided

TOP SELLER! Falcon flag is the ideal outdoor promotional flag.

Grab customer attention for your retail store, business, or event.

  • Outdoor or indoor ready
  • Brighter colors that last
  • Wind-rated design & hardware
  • Easy to assembly, includes free travel bag

Perfect for quantity orders, the new flagpole hardware redesign for our Best Seller Falcon Flag® is the economical choice. Falcon Flag® is intended for display outdoors. Insert the spike base into grass or use the X-base to stand on concrete. We custom print your graphic artwork on polyester mesh by the process of dye sublimation. Our inks heavily saturate the material to create a "bleed-through" effect and our double-sided prints are finished with a silver-gray blocker that lays between. Black flag trim is sewn on the edge of the graphic (pole-side), leaving a pocket for pole insertion. A set of grommets are installed on the bottom of the trim in which the short bungee cord (included) can loop through and snugly attach the graphic to the base.

Wind Speed Rating: 18-23 mph

Graphics Dimensions:  24.25"w X 183.5"h

Material:  Mesh Fabric

Print Process: Dye-Sublimation

Spike/X Base Munting Point Diameter: 16.0mm,+0/-0.2mm

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