Teardrop premium advertising flag

Teardrop Premium Advertising Flag

$299.00 8' Single-Sided
$349.00 8' Double-Sided

Premium teardrop flag looks fantastic and is durable in high wind conditions.

The Teardrop advertising flag is perfectly suited to promote indoor and outdoor events. We use high quality dye-sublimation printing (not cheap iron-on decals). So colors are brighter and your flag lasts longer.

  • Outdoor or indoor ready
  • Brighter colors that last
  • Wind-rated design & hardware
  • Easy to assembly, includes free travel bag
  • Available in 8 ft. - 15.75 ft sizes
Available in 4 different sizes with single-sided or double-sided printing on mesh vinyl material.To reduce wind load, it's designed to pivot in the wind when used outdoors. It's available with spike-base for for soft surfaces or with an x-stand for flat surface.

Single-sided flags are printed on one side with the back side showing the see-through mirror image of the front side. Double sided units will have two right-reading images and will read the correct way when viewed from either side.  For double sided unit, a silver-gray blocker material is placed in the middle and all 3 pieces are then sewn together to create a non-see-through double-sided banner flag.

Sizes:  Small (8.2 ft); Medium (11 ft); Large (14.5 ft); Extra Large (15.75 ft)
Graphics:  Single-Sided or Double-Sided, Dye Sublimated Printing
Material:  Mesh Fabric
Wind Speed Rating: 18-23 mph
Stand:  X-Stand or Spike Base

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